Un bellissimo fake blog, datato 2003, che sarebbe veramente perfetto come vero blog di Sergey e Larry.
Peccato che è durato poco, da febbraio a novembre 2003, con soli 12 post.

Alcune perle:

“I’ve wanted to do a blog for ages but Sergey couldn’t manage to set up MovableType. Apparently it’s “Just too difficult”.
Anyway, the other day he suggested that it would be a thousand times easier to just buy Blogger.com.”

” Broke my rollerblades. Had to go home - nothing to do. Sergey says broken rollerblades are evil.”

“I got dinner with Bill Gates tonight. He wants to buy us out with 5 copies of MS Flight Simulator 2004. I told him we can talk about it. But I want a Microsoft joystick thrown in as well!”

“It’s a blog. Read from the bottom stupid. Er…we mean loyal Google searcher.”


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