Il tema, lanciato da Dabid Naylor sul suo blog, è molto interessante.

Cosa faresti se fossi Google?

David farebbe queste 5 cose:

1) Stop displaying Pagerank it only drives link buying and selling

2) Stop showing Site: and use true page clustering. so two pages per site will be displayed, This will stop people worrying about how many pages are in the index also stops link hunting, webmaster central will be the only place you can get that data.

3) on redirects, a site that redirects to more than ONE site will be deemed has potentially damaging and will not be Indexed, this would stop the tinyurls been indexed and affiliate tracking URLs like in the recent Bedstar case

4) sub-domains would get clustered there for only showing 2 pages, yes I know it will upset wordpress hosted user, but i don’t care buy a domain it’s 5 bucks

5) and finally I would not display paying Adsense blocks on pages that aren’t in the index

Anche su E-gain la cosa viene portata avanti.


1) spingerei su Orkut, o comprerei Facebook

2) ribrandizzerei Blogger in Gblog

3) darei la possibilità ai publisher di vedere il dettaglio dei guadagni di AdSense

4) abbandonerei ogni tentativo di performance based marketing :)

5) chiuderei tutte le sedi nazionali e lascerei AdWords solo self-service

E voi cosa fareste?

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