Ho appena ricevuto questa interessante email da parte dell’Economist.
La subject line e’ identica al titolo di questo post:

Dear Reader,

I’d like to inform you about important changes at Economist.com.

Beginning October 13th, we will be limiting access to certain sections of our site to subscribers only. Over the past few years, Economist.com has become a hub for intelligent discussion, with news commentary, blogs and an award-winning debate series. We will continue to encourage both subscribers and non-subscribers to participate in those conversations. We will also enhance the experience we offer our most loyal readers by expanding our subscribers-only features.

Currently, all content published within the last year is free of charge. Soon, this access will be limited to articles published within the last 90 days. The print edition contents page, which offers a convenient way to browse articles and features from the latest issue of The Economist, will also be limited to subscribers only.

Through these complementary aspects of Economist.com, we will continue to foster intelligent discussion and debate, while enhancing the value we bring to our community of subscribers.

I hope you’ll continue to visit the site and enjoy all it has to offer.

Ben Edwards
Ben Edwards, Publisher

Sono curioso di vedere cosa succedera’. Al momento non credo che mi abbonero’, ma voglio vedere quanti articoli resteranno visibili a tutti e quanti saranno riservati agli abbonati.
In generale credo abbia senso per un giornale come l’Economist, e vederlo ricoperto di banner per poter sopravvivere non e’ una bella prospettiva.
Scelta coraggiosa.

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